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Pemba Town

Pemba Town is situated at the South West of Cabo Delgado Province, bordering at the North  with Pemba / Metuge District, at South with the Mecufi District, at East with the Indian Ocean and at the West with Pemba/Metuge District. With an area of 19 square kms, and an estimated population of 121.967 inhabitants, this district has a population density of 4.468.3 inhabitants per square km..
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Art - the heart of Mozambique

The northern region of Mozambique is famous for its crafts, the more important being the world famous ebony sculptures produced by the Makonde people.

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Luxury Accommodation close to Pemba

Experience pure relaxation and warm Mozambican hospitality on the inviting atmosphere and laid back luxury of CHUIBA BAY LODGE, where Swahili East Africa meets the comfort of modern life.

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Dive sites in Pemba

Pemba is a great location for deep or swallow diving and fun filled resort activities.
Pemba Bay is the perfect destination that offers variety of excellent deep dive sites where you can see breathtaking marine life. There are also shallower reefs close to the continental shelf for multi-level diving. Here are some beautiful and popular dive site suggestions:
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Pemba in Mozambique

Where is Pemba?
Pemba, in Northern Mozambique is a port city. This beautiful location will offer an authentic and unspoilt feeling, having increasingly become a tourism destination.  It is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, but don't just take our word for it! Here's why Pemba should be your next holiday destination.

Chuiba Bay Lodge is located in Chuiba, just a few kilometers  from the Town of Pemba, Northeast Mozambique, on the pristine shores of the Indian Ocean.

Activities offered by Chuiba Bay Lodge

Canoeing, Kayaking, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Mozambique has some of the most prestige beaches and is surrounded by crystal clear waters,  where you can find from clown fish and angelfish, over tuna and marlin, to dolphins and whales. These shores are scattered with often-untouched reefs and an outstanding marine life - perfect for an unforgettable snorkeling or diving get away! 


PEMBA in Northern Mozambique is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, but don't just take our word for it! Here are some of the reasons why Pemba should be your next holiday destination.


Mozambique has some of the most pristine dive sites in the world. Their reefs are home to over 1200 species of marine creatures including several rare species.


A charming eco-resort with European comfort, located in Chuiba – Pemba, and set in 10 hectares of unspoilt nature, with its virgin beach spreading for kilometres along its coral reef, endless sand banks and turquoise warm waters, offers the descerning guest the ideal setting to unwind from your busy day life.


One of the most romantic and secluded beach destinations in Mozambique – just ideal for a honeymoon or a relaxed family holiday.


The deep channels that flow off the coast of Mozambique offer some of the best Big Game Fishing for Marlin and Sail Fish in the world.


Gold, slaves, Ivory and Pirates! Ilha de Moçambique, to de South of Pemba, and Ibo Island to the North, have long and fascinating histories and visitors can learn about the intriguing past of this coastline.


Mozambique is also famous for the quality of its fresh seafood. The Portuguese influence is felt in dishes such as Peri-Peri (hot and spicy) Prawns, the famous cataplana, the colourful sea food kebabs and the delicious marlin carpaccio, amongst many others.


The northern regions of Mozambique are famous for their crafts, the more important being the world renouned ebony sculptures produced by the Makonde people.

Their art work depicts their love for beauty and exceptional esthetic feeling, present on their everyday life: Ceramic pots with geometrical designs and inscriptions, medicine and coffee holders, pipes, drums, or the famous Facial and Elmo Masks used on the inicial rites dance called Mapiko ; the Shetanis, based on the cult of spirits, and the Ujamaa - trees of life or genealogic trees – tree trunks sculped all around in “bas relief” with human figures embracing each other, expressing their inner feelings.


The national park is one of the wildest and unspoilt national parks in Africa where visitors can have a true wilderness experience.


Music, as well as its great crafts Mozambique is famous for its traditional music, especially its marimba bands. Modern Mozambican music has been likened to Reggae and Calypso

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