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Dive sites in Pemba

Pemba is a great location for deep or swallow diving and fun filled resort activities.
Pemba Bay is the perfect destination that offers variety of excellent deep dive sites where you can see breathtaking marine life. There are also shallower reefs close to the continental shelf for multi-level diving. Here are some beautiful and popular dive site suggestions:

The Gap

The Gap reef is located on the south of Pemba and it’s very close inshore. There is a continental shelf drop off which goes straight down for between 15 and 100 metres. A large variety of big game fish can be seen here. It’s perfectly suited for advanced divers that have deep diving experience.


The Playground is a shallow wall dive of up to 12 metres and can be located on Pemba Bay’s northern peninsula. The only downside to this dive site is that you can only dive there when the conditions are good. Here you can see caves and overhangs rich with crayfish and other marine life. It’s perfectly suited for advanced divers that have deep diving experience.

Pyro Banks

Pyro Banks is located not too far from The Gap. It is also a shallow reef of up to 15 metres. This site is filled with a variety of fish and corals that can be seen. It’s suitable for advanced divers with deep diving experience. Nearby  Pyro Banks is another coral reef setting, Ponta Saide Ali. This dive site slopes down to 21 metres. It has a big bank of coral and a valley packed with anemones. The more advanced divers that have experience could see reef sharks, Gurnards, Rays and / or even Black Marlin.

River Mouth

River Mouth can be located at the mouth of the Tari River. This unique dive site features large boulders and a coral reef that reaches 24 metres in depth in other words visibility is best at high tide. Here you could spot big Napoleon Wrasse, reef sharks, Rays and Snowflake Soap Fish.

Willys Reef

Willys Reef lies between River Mouth and Playground. It’s also a deep dive so this is a location best suited for advanced divers with this kind of experience. Here you will see a flat reef with a tall ridge on one side and a sandy bottom. The dive depth average is +- 30 metres and you can see reef sharks, Rays, sea turtles and Black Marlin.
Please take note that for most of the dives you will need experience or have an experience diver with you at all times. At Chuiba Bay Lodge we not only offer luxury accommodation, but also a variety of affordable fun filled activities that you and your whole family can participate in. For more information about us please visit us online or you can contact us
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