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Pemba Town

Pemba, the centre of Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique, is the world's third largest natural bay and has a long tradition of fishing and commerce inherited from the Arabs as far back as 800 years ago. Until the end of the 19th century, the most important commerce of the region was the ivory trade as well as the capture and export of slaves, first by Arabs and later by Portuguese.

With its port and strategic location along the east African coastline, Pemba was destined to become Mozambique's capital during colonial times. But in the scramble to secure the south from competing colonial powers, the Portuguese selected Delagoa Bay (Lourenco Marques, now Maputo) as their capital instead.

Today a beautiful, crumbling town of 200 000 residents, Pemba has developed its tourism potential, forming a natural gateway to the wildlife-rich interior and the jewel-like Quirimbas Archipelago offshore. Several islands are located just a short plane trip away, as is the wilderness of Lugenda, set in the remote and untrammelled 42 000 square km Niassa wildlife reserve.

The climate around Pemba is generally tropical and humid with the average temperature ranging from 21.5 - 32 degrees Celsius. The hot rainy season usually runs from December to April, although the rains are scarce, whilst the dry season runs between May and September. Pemba is therefore ideal for tourism activities all year around, boasting an average temperature of 28 degrees with cooler nights.

The local people, the Makonde, the Macua and the Kimuani, beeing the last ones of swahili origin, will share their way of life with you and welcome you to their land with smiles while pressing you good humouredly and politely to buy their wares. The Macuas are fisherman and farmers, the Macondes from Moeda planalt are master carvers of ebony wood and the kimuani from Ibo Island are crafters of silver plated jewellery. Vendors are active on the beaches, the market and the airport.

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