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Things to do in Pemba, Mozambique

Arriving in Pemba there are a lot of things to do. First of all get settled. Chuiba Bay Lodge, with a dazzling sandy beach spreading for kilometers, its transparent warm waters and a rich Biodiversity is the perfect  romantic getaway retreat in beachside comfort and a great choice for your stay in Pemba.
Pemba Bay, the third bay in the world, forms a huge harbor and its stunning coral reefs, close to shore, provide wonderful diving and snorkeling adventures. The surrounding landscape of bay is characterized by forests of Baobab trees and Mangrove, growing down to the shoreline. Due to its microclimate, the monsoon does not really affect Pemba. It is therefore possible to have great holidays in Pemba all year round.
Areas to visit in Pemba                                                                                
The most popular beaches in Pemba are Wimbe and Farol where you will find restaurants and normally welcome locals by the thousands, mainly in weekends.
Chuiba is, on the contrary, a secluded and virgin beach, where you will be able to watch  women and children, from the local village, conquering the sea - collecting clams and shellfish, by low tide, for their daily curry. For the rest of the day, you have the beach only for you.    
Dhow safaris are a popular way to sail around the bay and beyond. Visitors can hop on a flight to visit the Quirimbas Islands. Check out the Niassa National Reserve and Lake Niassa. Four of the Big Five animals are resident in both Quirimbas National Park and Niassa National Reserve. It is a sight you will not forget anytime soon.
Activities to take part in, in Pemba, Mozambique
A lot of activities are available while you are in Pemba. Here are a few of them:
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Water sports
  • Spa activities
  • visiting the Markets
  • the Casino
You can combine your stay in Chuiba with a couple of days in Quirimbas National Park  or Niassa National Reserve, enjoying:
  • Walking safaris
  • Game drives
  • Bird Watching
There is something for everyone  to do in Pemba - from the newly weds,who come here for their honeymoon,  to the family who stays over for a wonderful vacation. Come and have an unforgettable holiday in Chuiba Bay Lodge,  Mozambique.
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