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Fishing in Pemba

The Pemba is known, and very popular, for the downright quantity of game fishing as many serious fishermen make their way here to fish throughout the year.

Peak season fishing in Pemba

Peak season for Sailfish is generally between July and December in this part of Mozambique. The peak season for catching Wahoo is from September to April and the best time for catching any Dorado’s is from October to March. The most targeted species, Yellowfin Tuna, swim in these local waters all year, because of the big shoals constantly moving in and out of this area. Kingfish can also be caught all year round and their size and downright power makes them one of the most sought after quarry of serious fishermen. Although Marlin fishing is not well established in Pemba, small Marlin has been caught in local waters every now and again.

Accommodation in Pemba, Mozambique

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