CHUIBA BAY LODGE is located in CHUIBA, just a few kms from the Town of PEMBA, Northeast MOZAMBIQUE, on the pristine shores of the Indian Ocean.

A 7 Km road (of which 3 km tarred) connects CHUIBA BAY LODGE to the airport and to Pemba, capital of Cabo Delgado Province.

Pemba airport now welcomes international flights direct from Maputo, Johannesburg, Madagascar and Dar-Es-Salam, with connections to Nairobi and the rest of the world.

The history, traditions and culture of the people of Cabo Delgado were weaved through the centuries by African, Arab, Indian and Portuguese sailing, trading and settling. The Macua, Makonde and Kimuane people live in harmony in and around Pemba and their traditions and culture are vibrant and interesting.

Cabo Delgado 425km of unspoilt coastline and Pemba with its beautiful bay and year-round warm temperature - climate is tropical and humid with temperatures ranging from 25ºC to 32ºC on the Wet Season and 19ºC to 28ºC on the dry season - has become an Eco Beach Destination for discerned holiday makers worldwide.

Pemba from the Air - Chuibabay Lodge



Coordinates:   13º02`26.89”S                40º33`42.52”E

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